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Spinal Rehab

Your chiropractic care and spinal rehabilitation at Elite Healthcare will involve some or all of the following: therapy.

Muscle Stimulation (TENS)

Muscle stimulation increases the circulation in the affected area, thus increasing the healing time and relaxes muscle spasms so you benefit most out of the rehab/ adjustments.

6-Way Stretch

The 6-Way cervical stretch is necessary for stretching chronic splinted postural muscles so that their splinted memory can be removed and normal muscle function and muscle memory can be re-established

After the muscles have been stretched repetitive cervical traction can be performed.

Repetitive Cervical Traction
These movements facilitate cervical disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery and waste elimination. The patented Repetitive Cervical Traction provides similar movement to the neck as the Wobble Chair does the back.

Benefits of the Repetitive Cervical Traction:

  • Helps with cartilage growth.
  • Decreases healing time.
  • Restores perfect disc function.
  • Improves cervical and lumbar curves.
  • Rehydrates thin discs.
  • Reduces discomfort in the neck, arms, mid and low back.

Wobble Chair                                                                                                                             

The Wobble Chair is a patented, specially-designed seat that rotates 360°, flexes 40° side to side and flexes 35° front to back on a universal type joint. These movements facilitate lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery and waste elimination.

Benefits of the Wobble Chair:

  • Strengthens your lumbar discs.
  • Strengthens your ligaments and tendons.
  • Facilitates nutrition of your discs and elimination of waste products.
  • Increases motion in your lumbar spine.
  • Increases proprioception from the lumbar spine to brain (helps them talk to each other better, thereby reducing risk of injury).

PTLMS (Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator)

Reduces the muscle spasm, breaks up scar tissue and eliminates trigger points

Similar to getting a 60 min. massage in 5 minutes

Whole Body Vibration

Increases flexibility and strength

Moves the fluids around in the body

Increases bone density

Increases Human Growth Hormone HGH for growth and repair

Decreases Cortisol, our stress hormone

Head Weighting

The nervous system always wants us to hold our heads upright, and has righting reflex that is continually sending positional information to the brain. Wearing head weights alters the body’s centers of mass, causing the righting reflexes to send new sensory information to the nervous system. To balance the body relative to the weights, the nervous system causes involved spinal muscles to relax and others to contract, thereby correcting the spine and posture relative to gravity. The weights also force the involved muscles to do isometric exercises. These exercises are needed to restore muscle strength, endurance and balance so that the spine is held in alignment after optimal strength has been gained.