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Trigger point injections

Eliminates or reduces the trigger points found on physical exam

Marinates the muscles so they loosen up and work better


Joints injections

Lubricates the joint so you have restored movement and function

We use Sarapin, a botanical, homeopathic, anti-inflammatory derived from the pitcher plant.


Diagnostic Testing Information

Nerve Conduction Studies

A nerve conduction study is a test that measures the movement of an impulse through a nerve after the deliberate stimulation of the nerve.

The nerve conduction study is one tool that we can use to assess nerve function. Often, the nerve conduction study is performed in concert with an electromyogram (EMG). Together, these tests, along with other procedures that comprise what is known as electrodiagnostic testing, provide vital information on the functioning of nerves and muscles. We utilize this test in physical medicine to determine if the source of pain is nerve related and if any neuropathies or radiculopathies exist.

Non-invasive Vascular Testing

A screening tool used to evaluate and screen for circulatory compromise.

In patients at increased risk for peripheral artery disease, this is a tool used to examine vascular sufficiency.  This exam is ordered on patients with risk factors such as DM, HTN, hyperlipidemia, history of coronary artery disease, current or history of smoking, or non-healing ulcers.


Laboratory Testing

The ALCAT Test is a whole blood automated assay that measures blood cell reactions to food, chemical, and microbiological allergens by using the electronic principle of particle counting and sizing employed by hematology analyzers.

To incorporate into our evaluation an additional tool to determine contributing factors to pain and other physical symptoms. Many times deficiency and sensitivity to foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental factors contribute to the pain cycle in patients suffering from chronic pain.